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In a city where the only goal is profit, the line between corporations and criminals has long since vanished. Sasha Dreis makes her money as a runner, a high tech messenger who surfs the rooftops and alleyways of the urban sprawl, delivering whatever her clients need transported. Desperate to get out of town, Dreis takes on two separate unusual jobs, each with their own dangers, but both too good to pass up. Little does Dreis know that the jobs will put her in the cross hairs of every gangster in town and worse, the feared corporate Adjusters. Now Dreis must race against the clock to not only get out of town, but to stay alive.


Sasha Dreis, still driven to find her father, works the streets and rooftops of the opulent and corporatized town of Alta Vista, searching for the elusive hacker named Gold, who may hold a piece of the puzzle. But more than ever, Sasha is having a hard time telling friend from foe. She is drawn to the mysterious Mister X, whose dark side mirrors her own. And she should hate Thomas Morimoto, the rich executive she takes a job for. Instead, she suspects he’s not as he appears. Once she’s framed for a murder she didn’t commit though, Sasha is on the run again. Determined to stay alive, she’ll have to separate enemy from ally,clear her name, and find her way to her father. This is the second in the Sasha Dreis series of novels.

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Five's Fate

It was an average Tuesday in New York when a group of strangers all stepped onto the Five headed for Brooklyn. They didn't realize that once the train left the station, they were going to begin the biggest adventure of their lives. Transported to an another world by a benevolent group of beings for mysterious purposes, the survivors of the crashed train must make a harrowing journey through hostile lands for their only chance at getting home. A priest, a nursing student and a police officer lead a group of New Yorkers from all walks of life with only a curious alien monk as their guide and protector. To survive, they must learn to trust each other, to adapt to an alien planet and most daunting of all, they must outwit the forces that want them utterly destroyed.

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Short Fiction

Think Twice

An endearing tale of horror about a boy, his grandmother and the thing that lives in the tunnel.
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The Macabre Tale of Daniel and Isabel

Daniel just wants to be a normal boy living in a castle, despite the fact that his father vanished, his mother is in a coma and his sister lost her eyes, all on the same night.
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What if you could sleep forever and perfectly control your dreams? Now what if you could bring someone with you.
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What's in the portfolio? Why does she need it so badly? And why can't he stop looking at it? You know what they say about beauty.
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The 10th Day

A very, very short romantic adventure.
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It's just a form. It's just a physical. It's just an interview. It's just another day working on an isolated mining outpost, six months from anywhere.
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Paint Shaker

Reality takes a backseat in this short story based on an experience I had while I was unconscious. The unholy offspring of Terry Gilliam and Hunter S. Thompson.
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The Penalty

A woman murdered. An alien found guilty. An unusual execution.
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The Last Customer

A remote diner. A late night customer. A conversation that one waitress will never forget.
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